MTX RS232 Settings

MTX RS232 Settings

Using the RS232 for MTX is recommended because of its stability and direct control connection. However, setting up the RS232 connection requires additional some additional steps and information that is not located in the user manual:

  1. Use a null modem (crossover) cable
  2. Set remote control bit rate to 115200 
  3. Bind Control4 binding to initialize

Step 1: Verify the correct cable is being used

Use a null modem cable to connect between the MTX and Control4. This is also called a crossover cable.

On a null modem (crossover cable) pins 2 and 3 will be swapped. You can, and should, test the cable a multimeter to verify the cable is correct before proceeding to the next step. 

Step 2: Set the bit rate

The bit rate MUST be set to 115200 in the System -> Remote Control... menu of the MTX Editor software.

Step 3: Bind the RS232 control binding in C4

After, and only after, the steps above are complete bind the RS232 connection in Control4. This will send out the initialization commands to the MTX.

Note: If Steps 1 and 2 are not complete and driver sends out the initialization commands from the binding in Step 3, the driver will not be able to initialize for the first time and will not communicate to the MTX until the binding is re-bound after cable and bit rate are made correct. These steps are in order for a reason.