PDK for Control4 Instructions - New Setup Procedure (v13+)

PDK for Control4 Instructions - New Setup Procedure (v13+)

The PDK for Control4 driver allows complete control over PDK Cloud Node doors, gates, and roller doors. This driver is compatible with generic relay control drivers built into Control4 but also can be configured with more advanced interfaces like the included Experience Button and Security Panel driver for touchscreen control.

Before You Begin

Ensure all Cloud Nodes are setup, configured, tested and found to be fully operational before attempting driver installation.

Driver Authentication

On the PDK account, under Permissions -> Add Permission, setup an account with the role of Integrator using the email pdk@blackwiredesigns.com that this driver will use to communicate with the PDK.io Cloud services.


You must use this email address or the driver will not work.

This email is a special account at PDK.io that enables this integration for the account that it is applied to. Please keep in mind: 
  1. If the email address is added to the dealer's main account, all Customer accounts will be authorized for integration.
  2. If the email address is added to a specific customer's account, the integration permissions will only be enabled for that specific account.

Installing the PDK Cloud Driver

Download the latest version of the PDK for Control Drivers from Blackwire and place the drivers into the Control4 Drivers folder. These will then show up in the Composer's Driver search.
Add a valid license to the License Key field on the Driver's Properties

Account Authorization

You will need to retrieve the Customer ID for the customer account and enter it into the driver.

To obtain the ID:
  1. Log into the PDK.io website and navigate to your customers account.
  2. Copy the Customer ID from the URL field of the web browsers address bar.
    The Customer ID will be the series of numbers and letters at the end of the URL. (e.g. pdk.io/systems/<COPY THIS ID>)
  3. Paste the ID into the driver property Customer ID
  4. Click on First Time Setup in the Actions tab of Cloud Driver.

The Cloud Driver will now retrieve all panels and details from the customer's account.

Check Setup

Once the authorization is complete, wait about 60 seconds and check the Control/AV Bindings of the cloud driver. A relay binding will be created for each controlled door in the PDK system.
  1. Bind a simple Door Relay device to the created binding and Refresh Navigators
  2. Verify operation by controlling the door with the simple Door Relay device
  3. Install PDK UI Button and PDK Door (security panel) Driver where necessary

Other Notes

Drivers authorized prior to version 13 should be automatically upgraded to the new Customer ID authentication method, provided that the Integrator account pdk@blackwiredesigns.com is authorized on the customer or main Dealer account.
This driver requires internet connectivity to operate with the PDK panels.